Matts Jöransson Samstedt (~1751-1815)

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Matts Jöransson Samstedt (~1751-1815)

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my first post, as my Estonian is unfortunately close to non-existant I have just guessed that this part of the board could be a good place to post in. Sorry if I'm in the wrong place or breaking any rules..

I have been studying our family history in Finland and I have there discovered one ancestor who in the Kyrkslätt/Kirkkonummi, Finland church records is marked as "from Lifland" which would probably mean "from Estonia" in practice.

I am by now fairly proficient in surfing the various church records in Finland but totally new to the Estonian records.

Any ideas on whether it is possible to further trace my ancestor in Estonian records would be appreciated!

Matts Jöransson Samstedt (~1751-1815), sometimes marked as born in 1746, appears in the Kirkkonummi records as "farm worker" (=dräng), marries and works as soldier.

Unfortunately no closer locality than "from Lifland" is given which is of course quite vague.. Needle in a haystack, right? The family Matts marries into was (like almost 100% of the local people in Kirkkonummi at the time) Swedish speaking so Matts could very well have been from the Swedish-speaking Estonian population.

Any ideas?


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