Everything looks great. You guys did a terrific job again! Thank you,
Boris Munt, NY, USA

Many thanks for this piece of research work. I am very pleased with the report.
John Henderson, UK

I would just like to thank you for your efforts in finding my family in Estonia, especially when I gave you so much wrong information! I certainly was in for a few surprises, my mother did tell a few untruths. I can't understand why she changed her name, and well, lots of things. However, all that aside, you located my family, they were there waiting for me with an interpreter, and we all had a wonderful time. They were warm and hospitable, they showed me where my mother was born and lived, and a lot of the country. It was a marvellous experience. I would have enjoyed just seeing beautiful Talinn and Estonia and its people, but the family made it a most memorable experience.
Diana Stead, Australia

This is fantastic. I could not be happier with the report. You have just filled a gap in my relative's life that he would have never been able to complete if it was not for your organization. Thank you so much.
Steve Lewis, CA, USA

Researching our family history Mr. Puss assisted me over and over again very helpful. All research orders he carried out with competence and to my whole satisfaction. Also in future I like to profit again from his professional competence and from his knowledge of languages.
H. Hinrikson, Winterthur, Switzerland

I am very pleased with the research and the reports I received from the Estonian Biographical Center in Estonia this past week. The work is clear, very professional, and opens new and exciting doors for future research about either the Terras or Lindenau family histories. In addition, I am especially impressed with the Center's ability to supply their reports in either English or Estonian.
Astrid Terras, Ontario, Canada

Thank you very much for all your work. The information you provide is beyond my expectations. I can't wait to share this information with the rest of my family.
Mark Hood, USA

The amount of data and information regarding our family members you have provided in such short time is really surprising -- our compliments and many thanks to you and your staff! My sister and I can now concentrate on planning our visit to places where our family members lived. We may have further questions after studying your report in depth and would then contact you again.
Hella Sura and Avo Peterson, Germany

Fred Puss offers a standard of genealogy research above all others we have dealt with in his part of the world. His service is intelligent, he understands the issues of probate genealogy and his operates a speedy service. Keep it up Fred.
Sue McBeth
Macbeth Genealogical Services Pty Ltd, Australia

Thank you so much for your work on the Jurgenson Tree. We have made contact with our living Jurgenson relations and are busily exchanging information and photos by email almost every day. We are all most excited as nobody has made contact with the Estonian side of the family for over 50 years. What a wonderful thing the Web is. We are delighted with your findings and with your standard of professionalism.
Catherine Madinaveitia, United Kingdom

This is wonderful and far, far more than I ever expected. I am so happy that you have helped me so much and so quickly.
Jennifer Lampard, United Kingdom

I am thrilled with the work you have done and the new contacts it has lead me to. My cousin was also very excited when I sent her the chart. I will be in touch again soon with questions for further research. This is the best money I have ever spent!
Hellen Riley, Australia

I wanted once more to express my gratitude for your help in my efforts to re-establish contact with a branch of my family, with whom we had had no contact since the mid-1960s, and about whose whereabouts I knew practically nothing. For me it was the culmination of a long search.
Joel Blankett, Israel